2022 Spring Online Tournament III


· Result

Thank you everyone for participating in the NHSDLC 2022 Spring Online Tournament III.

Congratulations to all teams for competing in, and completing, 4 difficult debates in a second language about different aspects of patents, their economic and social implications across different countries.Regardless of how many debates you won, you should be proud of yourself for improving your communication, critical thinking, and research skills by participating. Hopefully, you had an educational tournament! 

We hope that all students have noticed improvements intheir debate skills and continue to benefit from participation. Dedication todebate is sure to pay off in the future and we are excited to see where you go next! 

If you've enjoyed debating this season and want to continue to challenge yourself, consider attending our Summer 2022 Debate Camps 

Open Division


Congratulations to the Semifinalists - 祝贺所有进入半决赛的团队 


507508 杨羽行 - 扬州中学 & 金冬明洋 - WLSA上海学校 

509510 董知函 - 杭州外国语学校剑桥国际高中 & 项兰淑 - 杭州外国语学校剑桥国际高中 


Congratulations to the Runners-Up - 祝贺亚军团队 


525526 刘俊嘉 - 广州市越秀区中山三路小学 & Isabel Wu - 中山大学附属小学 


A huge congratulations to the Champions - 祝贺冠军团队 


521522 王澍媛 - Guanghua  Cambridge International School & 洪子萱 - 深圳国际交流学院 


Congratulations to the Top Speakers - 祝贺获得最佳辩手